The River Meets the Monk

I heard a splash, and I saw you there
Not again, I thought and stared
I should know by now
I cannot make any vow
Stay away
Stay away from me

Dear River, why are you in tears?
Tell me, what is it, my dear?

Don’t call me “my,” I can never be owned
Even if I want to, I am only loaned
Can’t you see?
Even when I want to stay, I leave
I leave, even when I want to stay

I knew that from the very start
I waded still, with all my heart
What does it matter?
I don’t have to own you to love you.
I love you without having to own you.

But isn’t that unfair
for a love that is quite rare?

Dear River, it is fair
Owning is an illusion, we must be aware

Now keep calm and feel my palm
Notice how we share
this love that is quite rare

Dear Monk, yes, now I can attest
Together, we are boundless.

Note: It seems that I have created sequels about The River. To view my previous works about this character, you may click these links:
1) “Dear River”
2) “The River and the Hunter”


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