The night is wide-awake. The street lamps illuminate the roads that promise wide-eyed discoveries. The wind invitingly whispers the name of your love. You want him here but he is somewhere else, at work or in another planet. You drive alone, one hand on the passenger seat, the other on the wheel. Perhaps imagination will be enough. You craft an image of him in your mind. He is here beside you in his usual V-neck shirt and jeans, holding your hand, his eyes reflecting the glow of the city lights.

The roads are wider now, the highway welcoming you to an adventure. You squeeze his hand tightly, only to receive no response from the passenger seat. Suddenly, there is no reason for adventure. What use is it to drive alone when you want to be with the one you love?

He isn’t here, and driving becomes a chore. Every kilometer is a heavy step taken. The weight of your car falls upon your shoulders. Where to go? You make a U-turn and head back home.

At home, it is dark. The street lamps try to illuminate your windows. Not enough light is let in. The shadows have won. You head to bed, making sure that you are completely wrapped in your blanket, using it as substitute for skin. And for all it’s worth, you sleep to rest, to escape the limits of this world. You head over to dreamland, where there is no cost for adventure, where fantasy meets fantasy. You find the one you love, and although it is not real, at least he is there.

You sleep, because you cannot bear the pains of longing. You sleep until the one you love touches you back to life.



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