Modus Operandi

Women fall in love not with looks, but with words. Ask her about her opinions, her dreams, her passions — what she longs for and what she aches for. Listen to her life story, and when she tells you her insecurities, assure her by saying, “You are beautiful, nevertheless.” Send her occasional messages of how are you’s. Do not use flowery words. Say something as simple as: “If you need someone to talk to, please know I’m just here.” If she doesn’t want to share, tell her, “Tell on your own time,” so that she feels that you respect her space. Of course, you also have to tell your story, too. As much as possible, show her that you two have something in common: perhaps a bruised childhood, or an unrequited dream.

After a few weeks or months, when she has become used to talking with you regularly, ask her out. Do not refer to it as a date so as not to appear intimidating. Still, bring her to a cozy restaurant — not too fancy, but somewhere conducive enough to have a good conversation. Make things interesting by asking her questions like, “If you were a word, what would you be?” or “What is your contradiction?” Be prepared to answer your own questions as well. She will only lay down her cards if you do the same. You can tell her: if you were a word, you’d be “reserved” because you play within the lines. Your contradiction is that you are open-minded, but deep inside you are judgmental. Let your wavelengths intertwine. Physically, keep distance, but stay close enough to brush your fingers against hers. Do not expect her to respond immediately. If she does not move away, then it means that she is interested. Keep at it until she reveals more of herself. On your first date, do not kiss her yet.

When you do this, she will daydream about you. Perhaps she will not say how she feels, but you will notice it. She will allot some time to hangout with you, no matter how busy she is. Ask her, “What are your plans today?” Listen closely. When she says something like, “I have to go to a meeting this afternoon, but aside from that, I have no other plans,” then it means you are on the right track. Another sign will be if she never tags a friend along with her in any of your hangouts. It means that she is comfortable with spending time with you alone. At this point, she trusts you. You can hold her hand, hug her, and kiss her already.

Strengthen your hold on her by showing her your world. Introduce her to your closest friends. When she seems nervous, assure her by winking at her across the table. Level up by bringing her to one of your family dinners. Talk about long-term dreams together, and while you’re at it, make sure that your eyes sparkle. Do not forget to hold her hand or to put your arms around her while you are walking in a public place. She will take this as a sign that you are one hundred percent committed. At this point, she will be sure: you are the one for her.

Women believe that love is the underlying of a relationship, not mere attraction. If you are a singer, sing songs for her. If you are a writer, make her the subject of your poems. More importantly, tell her that you want to make love with her, not screw her. She will hold your hand tighter. She will kiss you more passionately. Her clothes will become shorter. Come full moon, take her to a hotel, or to your own mansion. Never bring her to a motel, because every woman wants to be treated like a queen. Touch her gently until she no longer feels the need to cover herself up. Take off your clothes, as well. When she is finally naked, lick the parts you have never seen nor touched. Hold her arms so that when she resists vulnerability, she can find comfort in your strength. Keep caressing her until she is completely lost in another world. Ride her rhythm. Moan when she is moaning. Show her: you two are in tune with each other — that you can be lost in her, as much as she is lost in you.

Before the sun rises, get fully dressed. While she is wrapped in white sheets, tell her the truth: she is beautiful, but the touch of a man is better.


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