Superpowers I Acquired After You Left Me

  1. I could talk about you endlessly.
  2. I could go for days without sleep.
  3. I could turn everything I eat taste like paper.
  4. I could lose ten pounds in a week.
  5. I could cry my eyes out and still ace my exams.
  6. I could light a fire.
  7. I could recall how every moment felt like.
  8. I could reiterate everything you said to me.
  9. I could be the collateral damage.
  10. I could kill myself at night, and live by morning.
  11. I could cry my eyes out and no one would notice.
  12. I could entirely close myself off the world.
  13. I could fill myself with rage.
  14. I could smoke six packs a day.
  15. I could watch all kinds of porn, and masturbate all day.
  16. I could get high, and still feel low.
  17. I could sleep for more than twelve hours.
  18. I could sleep, and still find you there with me.
  19. I could cry my eyes out and still cry some more.
  20. I could rewrite our love story.
  21. I could picture you with him.
  22. I could finally admit: You never loved me.
  23. I could curse you.
  24. I could hurt you with my pain.
  25. I could hate myself for being born a woman.
  26. I could block you from my memory.
  27. I could erase you from my phonebook.
  28. I could watch all kinds of porn, and feel nothing.
  29. I could seduce another.
  30. I could cry my eyes out and still others would find me pretty.
  31. I could be selfish.
  32. I could make myself look happy.
  33. I could be bipolar and feel nothing.
  34. I could find the courage to admit that I need other people.
  35. I could be mean and still have friends.
  36. I could get angry with God, and still get blessings.
  37. I could inspire others even when I am broken.
  38. I could create light with darkness.
  39. I could give you a lot, and still have more.
  40. I could profess my love for you in front of an audience.
  41. I could fight, even just by sitting here.
  42. I could protect you from your haters.
  43. I could save you from killing yourself.
  44. I could cry my eyes out and drive.
  45. I could run away, and still find you.
  46. I could hear your voice even when you’re not with me.
  47. I could get drunk and still say your name clearly.
  48. I could stop believing in love.
  49. I could laugh at heartaches.
  50. I could live with loneliness.
  51. I could ask a guy out.
  52. I could wake up in the arms of another, and still long for your touch.
  53. I could finally tell you: You hurt me and I am not okay.
  54. I could look at stars and only see them as gaseous orbs, not miraculous signs of gods.
  55. I could outsmart romantic love.
  56. I could heal.
  57. I could go through the day without a proper meal, and still be productive.
  58. I could workout all day despite being underweight.
  59. I could get drunk and still remember you.
  60. I could recount our memories in full detail.
  61. I could live with depression.
  62. I could swallow the fact that I am not The One.
  63. I could forgive you.
  64. I could send you a text message even after I’ve deleted your number.
  65. I could bump into you, and maintain composure.
  66. I could look you in the eye, and only feel fondness.
  67. I could wave goodbye and not look back.
  68. I could transform pain to wholeness.
  69. I could live again.
  70. I could love myself better than you loved me.

Author’s note: A catalog poem is a type of poem that lists events, feelings, or things. Although some writers are skeptical about the excessiveness of this type of poetry, it captures the candidness of a person’s thought process, thus appearing raw and mundane. To move on is a messy undertaking, and to capture that, I found it best to use anaphoras and catalog.

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